Temporary Staffing

You may not want to hire full-time permanent employees while the situation is uncertain. You want a flexible, on-demand workforce that can manage your company operations exactly how you want them to.

Sepik delivers dependable temporary staffing solutions that allow you to grow your team without hiring full-time employees, support overworked employees during important periods, and keep projects going forward. We are one of India’s top employee leasing companies, providing full-service, cost-effective, and efficient Human Resource Management services to businesses who lack the requisite infrastructure or motivation to handle these labor-intensive duties.

Key Offerings

Employees that are hired on a temporary basis but will remain on our payroll.
We shall follow standard contractual processes.
Payroll and personnel management
Statutory compliance, statutory payment remittance, and associated administration
Employees will be enrolled in the ESIC and EPF programmes.

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