Business & Startup Advisory

Every Startup and entrepreneur need to develop a strong business plan which is very essential for running business. Sepik with dedicated professionals help in developing suitable plans for your company goals and identify the opportunities to suggest ways for success by choosing a proper entity to run business.

In a bundle of various types entities which entity match with client and business, we deeply understand the client’s requirement and we advise for proper entity for future growth. Our team advises through professionals, brings years of collective experience to start up companies to accelerate the development of high-growth in their business operations.

We go beyond just bookkeeping and payroll services and offer services that assist with the intricate processes of starting a business from scratch. 

Key Offerings

Entity for Indian Business Entrpreneurs
  1. Proprietorship
  2. Partnership
  3. One Person Company
  4. Limited Liability Partnership
  5. Private Limited Company
  6. Public Limited Company
Entity for Non Profit and Social Service
  1. Trust – Charitable/ Religious
  2. Society
Entity for Foreign Business Entrpreneurs
  1. Section 25 Company
  2. Private Company (Foreign)
  3. Indian Subsidiary Company

Every business requires a proper registration as per the norms of the respective acts and laws. Sepik with dedicated professionals help with whole gamut of services for business registrations to transact business operations.

Book Keeping

At Sepik, you aren't just hiring specialists who handle all of your bookkeeping - you're hiring a team that will provide you with useful recommendations and insights. They'll take care of all financial functions and always keep your best interests at heart. All for an affordable monthly fee.This accounting package includes detailed general ledger reports, chart of account reports, GST reports and more. We can customize our current packages to match your business needs.

Business Processing

We operate and maintain business software for our clients. Providing repeatable processes to help our clients be more efficient in their business.Let us know your current and future needs and we will customize a solution specifically for you.

Company Valuation

Every business organization need to know the value of its assets, value for business associations with customers and suppliers, internally generated intellectual property rights, know-how or technology created. In order to acquire business, the statutory authorities require companies to assess the fair value of its assets including goodwill and identifiable intangible assets during business transactions.
Sepik, in association with SEBI registered Merchant Banker, delivers services in the area of valuations.


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